Banoffee Pie – No bake and Eggless

I used to be and still am a fan of Banoffee pie from @theobromapatisserie in Mumbai, they used to call it Banoffee High, and rightly so!

Banoffee is made of Bananas, cream and toffee caramel on a pie tart. Incredibly delicious, incredibly easy to whip up and I can promise it’ll leave you wanting for more. Perfect as a dessert, perfect with your evening coffee!

So lets make Banoffee Pie – 6 servings

You’ll need:

10 inch baking tray/tart dish

400 ml Sweetened condensed milk I used @carnationmilks

12-14 graham crackers

1 tsp ginger juice (optional but highly recommended)

5 tbsp salted melted butter

1 cup heavy whipping cream

1 tbsp sugar

2 medium bananas

Dark chocolate shavings to garnish


Start with boiling water in a sauce pan and once it boils, drop the condensed milk can inside the pan, making sure the can is completely submerged. Reduce the flame to the lowest and let it cook for about 2.5-3 hours, basically forget about it, post which you’ll get caramelised condensed milk aka, Dulce de leche aka, toffee

In the meantime, let get the base ready. Toss the Graham crackers, melted butter and a wee bit of ginger juice into your food processor and pulse till you get a nice powdered consistency

Grease your baking dish and empty your biscuit content in it, using your fingers, firmly press this mixture till it evenly covers the tart and freeze for atleast 2 hours

In a chilled bowl, pour your whipping cream + sugar and whisk it till it has soft peaks

Now lets get to the most exciting part, the assembly

Pull out the baking tray/tart, start by pouring the caramelised condensed milk right from the can (if it has stiffened a little bit, remove it in a bowl and lightly whisk) over the graham butter tart base

Thinly slice bananas and cover the entire condensed milk layer, please don’t cut bananas in advance as they tend to blacken

Top this up with whipped cream and chocolate shavings and freeze for atleast 2 hours. Then just slice and serve.

Sure to sweep you off your feet!!

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Self taught homecook, foodstylist, recipe developer, foodie, explorer and a media professional

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