Strawberry Maple Cheesecake – No bake and Eggless

1st July, Canada Day, we celebrated this beautiful and inclusive country, Canada, with this fresh Strawberry Maple Cheesecake

Making no bake cheesecakes is super easy. Requires simple ingredients and minimal effort. Putting this one together was quite literally a cake walk!

Now let’s dive into making this pretty and pretty lush cheesecake!

You’ll need:

9-inch tart tray
345 gms softened Cream cheese @lovemyphilly

1/4th cup Heavy whipping cream
2 tsp Maple extract
5-6 tbsp powdered Sugar
8-10 Graham crackers
1/4th cup Melted Butter
15-17 Fresh sliced strawberries


Let’s start by crushing the Graham crackers, till they have a powdery consistency. I did it in a food processor, you can do it even by putting the crackers in a zip lock plastic bag and crushing them with a rolling pin

Now add melted butter to the crushed biscuits and mix thoroughly till it has a crumbly texture. It should come together when you press some in your palm

Grease the tart tray with butter and add in the biscuit crumb. With the help of your fingers, press firmly and evenly at the bottom of the tray and freeze for at least an hour

Now let’s work on the cream cheese. In a big bowl, add softened , room temp cream cheese and whisk till its nice and smooth. Add whipping cream, sugar, maple syrup and whisk till its nice, light, airy and fluffy. Takes about 5-7 mins. Set aside

Now slice some strawberries thinly. I love the slicing part, almost therapeutic!!

Tart tray out of the freezer and cover the whole thing with thinly sliced strawberries and sprinkle some sugar. Should look like this. Pretty right?

Sliced strawberries over the biscuit tart base

Pour over the cream cheese mix and with the help of a spatula evenly spread it out till it reaches all ends perfectly

Cream cheese mix over the strawberry layer

Chill in the fridge (not freezer) for atleast 2-3 hours. Top with sliced strawberries, choco chips, or literally whatever you like

Top with fresh berries, fruits, chocolate chips

Serve as a dessert or with some evening coffee!

Look at that hefty rich slice!

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