Strawberry Butter

Next up in our Dips and Spreads series is my utter favorite, sweet spread, Strawberry Butter. Before we bid the seasonal strawberries adieu, you definitely should be trying this extremely rich, creamy, fluffy and super fancy butter that tastes exactly like strawberry shortcake, requires minimal time and minimal effort

To enjoy this fancy, delicious spread I also made some Buttermilk Biscuits using @gemma_stafford ‘s biscuits recipe. The biscuits were fresh out of the oven and the strawberry butter freshly whipped. Can you smell and taste the deliciousness already???

I cannot rave enough about how great this spread is and why you need it in your life right now but in very short,

This spread is amazing because:

– Pantry Friendly
– Needs only 3 ingredients
– Needs under 10 mins
– Dreamy
– Super Fancy and delicious

So without further ado, Let’s get Dippin or should I say, spreadin?

For a small jar of Strawberry Butter, You’ll need:

½ Cup unsalted softened Butter – at room temp

¼ th Cup Powdered Sugar/sugar substitute

8-10 Strawberries chopped


In a big bowl add butter and with your electric whisker, whisk it on low for about a minute till the butter gets fluffy

Now add the sugar and whisk for another minute to combine

Now add the chopped strawberries and using a spatula mix well

Whisk it again with your whisker on medium speed to get the strawberries and butter incorporated

Viola, easy peasy yet fancy!!!

You can also make this spread using your hand whisk instead of the electric whisker 🙂

To see this process in short, check out the reels on my Instagram page @the.kari.tales

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