Keto Brownies – eggless

Brownies for breakfast with a side of freshly brewed dark roast coffee gets me weak in my knees and so to make my breakfast/dessert time guilt free, I made these eggless keto Brownies that are Sugar Free and just 2gm net carbs per piece

Slathered with a dark chocolate ganache, these brownies are Melt in Mouth, Satisfying and Gooey!

I’ve replaced eggs with Flax eggs and they worked perfectly well

Would you eat brownies for breakfast? If not, I recommend you should! Adulting is HARD but these brownies are easy. Let make em:

For 8 small pieces of brownies you’ll need:

Dry Ingredients:

1 cup almond flour

1/4th cup + 1 tbsp unsweetened cacao powder

7 tbsp Erythritol

1 tsp baking powder

Wet ingredients:

2 flax eggs (mix 2 tbsp flax seed meal with 5 tbsp water, keep aside for 10 mins)

1/4th cup melted butter

3 tbsp water

1/4th  tsp vanilla extract

Dark chocolate ganache – Optional but recommended

2 squares of Lindt Dark 70%

1 tbsp heavy cream/18% cream


Start by preheating your oven to 360F

In a big bowl mix all the dry ingredients together until well combined

Now add the flax egg, melted butter, water and vanilla extract

Mix everything together till it forms a thick dough like batter. The consistency of this batter is less flowy than usual brownies as it has flax eggs and they soak some moisture

Transfer the batter into a bread loaf tin lined with a parchment sheet and even it out with the help of a spatula. I made the mistake of not lining it with parchment and had a tough time getting the brownies out of the tin


Bake for 18-20 mins in the preheated oven

Remove from the oven and let cool for atleast 30-40 mins


In the meantime, lets make the ganache. In a small microwaveable bowl add small chunks of the dark chocolate and the cream. Microwave for 45 secs and mix well together to get the ganache

Top the brownies with the ganache and your favorite nuts. I used almonds as my walnuts were completely out

Enjoy these indulgent, fudgy brownies minus the guilt. Do tag us on our Instagram handle @the.kari.tales if you end up making these

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