Coconut Flour Keto Bread

Baked my first ever Keto bread with eggs, coz I’ve always been too icky about that eggy smell and taste of the bread

However, I can’t say I was happiest with the eggless versions for those always came out denser than I like. So I said, what the heck, let me just give the egg version a shot

Baked this loaf today, it has 5 eggs and half a cup of coconut flour

Is it Eggy? – No, maybe slightly
Is it fluffy and delicious – Definitely
Do I love it? – Umm, I like it so far but love.. we’ll see
Will I make it again? – Ask me once this loaf is over

I used some vanilla extract to mask the eggs and topped it up with my ever so favourite Everything Bagel Seasoning

Want to give it a shot? Let’s dive into this easy recipe. You’ll need:

5 large eggs – room temp

1/2 cup coconut flour

1/2 cup melted butter/oilve oil/coconut oil

1 tsp apple cider vinegar

1 tsp baking powder (make sure it is aluminum free)

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp vanilla extract

Everything Bagel seasoning/seasoning of choice/sesame seeds – Optional


Preheat the oven to 355F

In a big bowl, crack open 5 eggs, add apple cider vinegar, melted butter. Make sure the butter is not too hot. else your eggs will scramble

Using an electric whisk or a hand whisk, combine for 1-2 minutes till slightly frothy

In another bowl, mix together coconut flour and baking powder

Transfer the dry ingredients into the egg mixture and combine well with the help of a whisk. Make sure no lumps

In a bread loaf tin, greased and lined with parchment paper, transfer the bread dough and using a silicon spatula, spread uniformly. Top it with choice of seasoning

Toss it in the oven for 30-35 mins or till your toothpick comes out clean

Let rest for 5-10 minutes, and slice as per preference

Enjoy, toasted or just as is 🙂


Classic Salt and Pepper Chicken

And I’m back to the kitchen after a looong vacation and damn it feels soooo good!

Made one of my favorite weekend classics, Salt and Pepper Chicken today and it turned out pretty amazing

Simple flavours, exceptional taste

Served with a side of Schezwan Chutney coz “Some like it Hot 🔥”

Let’s get to it!

You’ll need:

450 gms boneless chicken breast/thighs cut into bite sized pieces

Chicken marinade – ½ tsp salt, 1 tsp pepper, 1 tsp garlic paste, 1 tbsp soy sauce, 1 tsp Chinese 5 spice (optional but recommended)

1 cup corn starch/flour for coating

Oil for frying

½ cup julienned onion

½ cup julienned green pepper

1 tbsp minced garlic

2-3 dry red chillies

Extra salt and pepper to taste

1 tbsp butter

Extra oil for stir fry


Marinade the chicken pieces in the listed ingredients for 30 mins

In a plate lay the corn starch and coat the marinated chicken pieces on all sides

Marinated chicken pieces to be coated with corn starch on all sides

In a frying pan, heat oil on medium heat and fry the coated chicken pieces until golden brown flipping both sides

Set aside in a plate lined with kitchen towel to soak up any extra oil

Now let’s prep the stir fry. In a wok/pan, add 1 tbsp oil and 1 tbsp butter on medium heat

Add minced garlic, sliced dry red chillies and let them sizzle

Now add onions, green pepper, salt and pepper and toss for about a minute

Stir fry in salt, pepper and veggies

Add the fried chicken, mix together gently and serve hot!! Garnish with sesame seeds (optional)

Enjoyed this recipe? Tag us on Instagram if you end up making it, on our handle @the.kari.tales

Creamy Chicken Tikka

I tried a new tikka version the other day and absolutely loved it. Creamy chicken kabobs with hint of spicy, are succulent, juicy, delicious and low carb!!

Served with a dash of lemon juice and topped with some freshly cracked pepper, this recipe takes under 30 mins of your active time

So what’s the wait? Let’s make!

For 4 skewers you’ll need:

1 large chicken breast cut into bite sized chunks (approx. 250gms)

1/4th cup Greek yogurt

3 tbsp table/fresh cream

1 tsp ginger garlic paste

1/2 tsp each of black pepper powder, Garam masala, cumin powder

Salt to taste

1 tbsp corn flour

1 tsp lime juice

2 tbsp finely chopped cilantro

2 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp dried fenugreek leaves – optional


Cut a large chicken breast into bite sized pieces

Now let’s prepare the marinade

In a big bowl, mix together Greek yogurt, salt, ginger garlic paste, and all the above spices

Now add lime juice, chopped coriander, mix well

Add cornflour and mix thoroughly. Don’t get worried if it starts to look too thick as we will now add fresh cream, olive oil. Mix it well to combine. Add fenugreek leaves

Add the chicken chunks to the yogurt cream mixture and marinade for atleast 2-8 hours in the refrigerator (keep covered)

Preheat your oven to 450F

Add the chicken pieces to the skewers and place them on a baking dish lined with parchment paper. Any extra marinade mixture left behind? Please don’t waste, top the mixture on your skewers

Bake in the oven for 20-22 mins or until you see a nice char on the chicken pieces. Make sure to flip halfway at around 10 mins

Once baked, remove the chicken kabobs from the skewers using a fork by sliding the fork down the skewer. Enjoy with a side of you favorite rice/salad/soup or whatever you wish, really!!

Try this recipe and Thank me later

Yogurt Rice

One of the simplest joys of life is comfort food. This easy, quick, nutritious and flavourful recipe, from South India is here to make way to your breakfast/lunch scenes

Cooked rice Mixed with lightly salted yogurt and topped with tempering of curry leaves, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, green chillies and Dry red chillies

If you’ve never tried this, I highly recommended you do. So, here’s the easy peasy recipe for you!

For 1 bowl of Yogurt rice you’ll need:

1 cup cooked rice – room temperature (this is cooked quantity)

½ cup Greek yogurt seasoned with salt and whisked smooth – room temperature

1 green chilly slit

1 Dry red chilly

4-5 fresh curry leaves

½ tsp mustard seeds

½ tsp cumin seeds

1 tbsp olive oil


In a bowl mix together cooked rice and yogurt until the rice is completely covered in yogurt

In a small sauce pan/tadka pan, add the olive oil on medium heat. Once hot add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, green chilly, curry leaves and dry red chilly

Let it splutter and stir continuously for about 2 mins till its gets aromatic

Pour the hot tempering over the yogurt rice mixture

Your bowl of comfort, under 10 minutes and almost no cooking if you have leftover rice, which I always do !!

Beetroot, Broc and Cheese Egg Muffins

Today is Breakfast for lunch kinna day. It has been so super busy and I’m always thinking of something quick, easy, yet nutritious and low carb to eat. Too much to ask for? But these Egg Muffins fit in just right

These Breakfast/Lunch muffins are great because:
– Super Easy and quick
– Pantry Friendly
– So versatile, you can use any veggies/protien of your choice
– Stores really well
– Low Carb

I’ve used Red Onions, Broccoli bits, Beetroot bits and three cheese for these muffins and they’re delightful! So satisfying

Have you tried egg muffins? Let’s make them

For 6 muffins you’ll need:

6 medium eggs – beaten with salt, pepper and seasoning to taste

1 cup steamed broccoli bits

½ cup finely chopped onion

1/4th cup finely chopped beetroot bits

Shredded 3 cheese blend


Preheat the oven to 350F

In a non stick/silicon muffin tray, add broccoli bits and onion in all the muffin sections

Now carefully pour the egg batter equally in all the sections, not to the brim

Add beetroot bits and cheese. Should look something like this

Bake at 350F for 20-22 mins

Post bake, let cool for about 3-5 mins and using a knife, free from sides. Enjoy your easy peasy, nutrition dense Breakfast/lunch

Crispy Oven Baked Chicken Thighs

You can never go wrong with the classics and this is one such recipe. I love this recipe so so much coz it is so easy and incredibly delicious. I can bet your mouth is watering already!!

Skin on bone in chicken thighs, rubbed with olive oil, my secret chicken spice, blasted at 450F for the perfect crispy outside and succulent juicy, oh so unbelievably juicy inside. I always like to throw in baby carrots, red onions and garlic pods to give the base a touch of caramelized sweetness and that beautiful rustic look

Under 40 mins with minimal effort, this recipe is here to win!! Bonus- its low carb. I’m sure you cant wait to make it, so, shall we?

You’ll need:

4 chicken thighs, bone in, skin on

Handful baby carrots

Half red onion thinly sliced

2 tbsp olive oil

4-5 garlic pods

Spice rub – 1 tsp each of salt, pepper, cumin powder, oregano, thyme, paprika


Preheat the oven to 450F

Trim any excess chicken thigh skin on the back of the thighs and place it in a baking tray. Also add onions and carrots in the tray

Add 2 tbsp olive oil and using your hands, evenly coat the thighs and veggies

Now add the spice rub and rub evenly to coat

Toss in the preheated oven and bake for 35-40 mins

Bring out the tray, coat the chicken top skin with the juices released using a silicon brush and broil in the oven for 60-90 secs. This step is imp to make the chicken skin crispy

Unbelievably delicious, protein rich and under 45 mins meal, that will leave you asking for more. Serve with your favorite salad or some freshly baked potato wedge

Keto Zucchini Rollatinis

I’m back to my Keto/Low Carb diet and I love incorporating Zucchini in my recipes, for it is so versatile

Made these loaded Zucchini rollups stuffed with rich Paneer and Feta, laid down on a spicy pizza sauce, topped with whole lotta cheese and baked to perfection

You can always use ground chicken/turkey, Ricotta-Spinach, or any veggies of choice for that matter to stuff these, sooo easy and sooo delicious. Tastes just like Lasagna! But without the carbs

Have you tried Zucchini Rollatinis? If not, now is the time

For 9 Rollatinis you’ll need:

1 Zucchini – Thinly sliced lengthwise with a mandeline/peeler. I used a peeler so my slices were too thin and so I used 2 slices one over the over to make rolls. If you’re using a mandeline, you can use single slices)

1 cup Pizza sauce

150 gms shredded paneer

100 gms feta cheese

½ onion thinly chopped

Salt and pepper to taste

1 tsp Italian seasoning

1 tbsp olive oil

Shredded Mozzarella/Sharp Cheddar

Some cherry tomatoes – halved – optional


Preheat your oven to 400 F

Place your thinly sliced zucchini strips on a baking tray lined with parchment paper.

Sprinkle salt and toss in the oven for 4-5 mins

Bring out of the oven and using a tissue, soak extra moisture that has been released by the zucchini. Set aside and cool

Now for the filling in a pan, add olive oil and onion. Sautee till onion is translucent, add pepper, Italian seasoning, shredded paneer and mix well. Sautee for about a minute. Bring off the flame and add the feta and mix to get a smooth mixture

Take a glass baking dish, and fill it with 3/4th cup pizza sauce

To make the rolls, spread 1 tbsp paneer cheese filling on the slice lengthwise and roll. Place it onto the baking tray on the pizza sauce. Repeat for all

Top the rolls with 1 tsp pizza sauce on each and top with shredded cheese. I use 3 cheese mix but you can use any cheese of your choice. Should look like this. Cherry tomatoes addition is optional

Bake in the oven for 10 mins or till cheese melts. You’re easy, delicious low carb lunch is now ready to be devoured

Keto Brownies – eggless

Brownies for breakfast with a side of freshly brewed dark roast coffee gets me weak in my knees and so to make my breakfast/dessert time guilt free, I made these eggless keto Brownies that are Sugar Free and just 2gm net carbs per piece

Slathered with a dark chocolate ganache, these brownies are Melt in Mouth, Satisfying and Gooey!

I’ve replaced eggs with Flax eggs and they worked perfectly well

Would you eat brownies for breakfast? If not, I recommend you should! Adulting is HARD but these brownies are easy. Let make em:

For 8 small pieces of brownies you’ll need:

Dry Ingredients:

1 cup almond flour

1/4th cup + 1 tbsp unsweetened cacao powder

7 tbsp Erythritol

1 tsp baking powder

Wet ingredients:

2 flax eggs (mix 2 tbsp flax seed meal with 5 tbsp water, keep aside for 10 mins)

1/4th cup melted butter

3 tbsp water

1/4th  tsp vanilla extract

Dark chocolate ganache – Optional but recommended

2 squares of Lindt Dark 70%

1 tbsp heavy cream/18% cream


Start by preheating your oven to 360F

In a big bowl mix all the dry ingredients together until well combined

Now add the flax egg, melted butter, water and vanilla extract

Mix everything together till it forms a thick dough like batter. The consistency of this batter is less flowy than usual brownies as it has flax eggs and they soak some moisture

Transfer the batter into a bread loaf tin lined with a parchment sheet and even it out with the help of a spatula. I made the mistake of not lining it with parchment and had a tough time getting the brownies out of the tin


Bake for 18-20 mins in the preheated oven

Remove from the oven and let cool for atleast 30-40 mins


In the meantime, lets make the ganache. In a small microwaveable bowl add small chunks of the dark chocolate and the cream. Microwave for 45 secs and mix well together to get the ganache

Top the brownies with the ganache and your favorite nuts. I used almonds as my walnuts were completely out

Enjoy these indulgent, fudgy brownies minus the guilt. Do tag us on our Instagram handle @the.kari.tales if you end up making these

Creamy Chicken Curry Spaghetti

Do you also come up with kickass recipes while experimenting with leftover food??

This is one such recipe. I had a simple chicken curry leftover on the weekend but I didn’t want to eat it with Roti or Rice so I decided to throw in some Spaghetti and Boy oh Boy, it was so good, I couldn’t resist making it again today and sharing with you

I love fusion food but this one was an unintentional experiment that is going to be pretty intentional from now on. So let’s dive into making this super easy and incredibly delicious spaghetti

For 1 large serving you’ll need:

1 small chicken breast – cut into small cubes and marinated for atleast 30 mins in 1/2 tsp each of salt, turmeric powder, pepper, red chilli powder, chicken masala

½ medium yellow onion finely chopped

1 dry red chilly – optional

2 tbsp tomato paste

1 tbsp heavy cream

1/3rd cup warm water

1 tbsp oil

½ tbsp butter

4-5 chopped basil leaves

4-5 cherry tomatoes halved

1 cup Spaghetti al dente (1 cup is cooked quantity)

Spices as per taste – salt, pepper, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, chicken masala, garam masala


In a pan, on medium heat, add oil and once its hot, add the onion

Saute the onion for 3-4 mins till golden brown. Add salt, dry red chilli and saute for another minute

Now add tomato paste and mix everything together. Add the spices (except Garam Masala) and cook until the masalas are aromatic

Now add the marinated chicken chunks and on medium high heat cook for about 2 mins on each side until tender

Now reduce the heat to medium low and add water, cream and butter, cherry tomatoes and chopped basil leaves

Cook for about 2-3 mins till the gravy thickens and then add the spaghetti, pinch of garam masala and toss thoroughly

Remove off the stove and Serve hot! Fusion food from leftovers? Yes Please!!

Beetroot Labneh

Labneh is a Middle Eastern Yogurt Cheese made from strained yogurt and is extremely rich and delicious

I made a beetroot version of it and topped the chilled Labneh with warm olive oil and homemade Zataar spice

It is super easy to whip up and goes well with Veggie sticks, Pita bread, Toasties, Kebabs etc

This dip is great because:
– Pantry Friendly
– Needs under 10 mins of active time
– Nutritious and Delicious
– Stores well in olive oil

Let make it, shall we??

You’ll need:

½ cup Labneh/Yogurt cheese/Hung Curd (I make this by straining 3/4th cup of regular/1/2 cup of Greek yogurt in a muslin cloth for atleast 24 hours to get the cheesy yogurt, leaving the whey/curd water behind)

1 clove minced garlic soaked in ½ tbsp lemon juice


1/4th cup finely chopped beetroot

1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

1 tsp Zatar Spice (You can make yours at home by mixing, 1 tbsp roasted sesame seeds, 1 tsp cumin powder, 1 tsp dried oregano/thyme, 1 tsp chilly flakes, 1 tsp coriander powder and ½ tsp salt)


Place your Labneh/Yogurt cheese in a bowl. Add salt, garlic lemon and mix well with a spatula

Now add the finely chopped beetroot and mix well till the labneh is completely stained in the pretty purple pink color

Spread out on a plate and top it up with a generous drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the 1 tsp of Zatar Spice

Enjoy with your favorite, chips, sticks, pitas or on your kebabs!