Berry Custard Mini Tarts

Cute Little Berry Custard Tarts!

One of my foodie friends has been creating some amazing Berry – periments (Berry experiments) in her recent recipes, and she inspired me to create one of my own

So here it is. I baked these little store bought puff pastry tarts and whipped up some custard to fill those with. Topped with some fresh berries, chocolate shavings, and Viola, Berry Custard Tarts, ready to be gobbled up and why not, tis the season of Berries!!!!!

These were so delicious, (WERE being the keyword) cute little cups of joy, that took less than 30 mins to put together. Let’s dive into making this easy peasy dessert/snack/tea time treat

You’ll need:
10 Mini puff pastry tarts @tenderflakepie
1/4th Cup Custard powder @birdsinstantcustard
Handful of fresh Berries (Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries)
1 and 1/4th Cup Milk
+ 5-6 tbsp Sugar – Adjust the sugar as per your taste
Dark Chocolate shavings @lindtcanada


To start pour the room temp milk in a sauce pan, add in the custard powder and sugar. Whisk thoroughly. It is easier to mix the ingredients without lumping, when the milk is room temp and not on heat

Now turn on the stove and place your saucepan on it keeping the heat medium high. Stir continuously with a hand whisk. In about 5-7 mins, your custard will start thickening, once that happens, bring your sauce pan off the heat and cool it down completely. Once cooled down chill it in the fridge

Now for the tarts, thaw the mini frozen tarts, I used store bought, for 5-10 mins and preheat the oven to 375F. Toss the tarts on a baking tray and in the oven for 12-15 mins till they’re golden brown

Once the tarts are done let them cool down

Now the fun part, the assembly. Fill the tarts with chilled custard (if the custard has clumped up give it good whisk to smoothen it)

Top with choice of fresh berries and chocolate shaving. That’s it. It’s done! Unbelievably easy

Pro tip: I always freeze season berries in big batches and so they come in handy off season

As you can see, I over filled some tarts, that’s coz I got so excited while filling them, but who cares, that’s more custard!

Aren’t these just so adorable?

Look at those dainty beauties!
Want one?

Let us know if you end up making them on our instagram @the.kari.tales

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